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Super Card, Mercator-S and Sberbank Srbija are inviting creative agencies, universities, companies and individuals in the field of data analytics, statistics, math and marketing research to register to the Super Contest by Thursday, 17 May, at, and participate in a big CRM competition. In their application they need to send the basic info on the organization, biographies of team members and portfolio of works.

On the basis of the applications, the jury will make a selection of the applicants and will sign confidentiality contracts with those who pass the contest, after which they will be given concrete tasks. The Super Card has a database of more than 1,000,000 members and a portion of this non-personalized database will be handed to creatives and analysts who are ready to engage into research such as data analysis and insight creation, and / or creative use of data.

Criteria for selection for analytical and creative solutions will be innovation, simplicity, feasibility and sustainability.

The professional jury who will make the selection will consist of prof. dr Goran Petković, Marijana Kristić, strategic consultant, Žarko Malinović, general secretary for trade of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Matija Protić, Mercator-S marketing director, Slavoljub Stanković, creative director at Mercator-S, Damjan Miočinović, head of Business Solutions System at Mercator-S, Vladimir Milićević, data scientist at Ringier Axel Springer, Aleksandar Milić, Executive Director of Marketing and Communication Sector at Sberbank Serbia, Dejan Ivić, Co-brand Manager – Partnership and Digital Banking Department at Sberbank Serbia and Ljiljana Ahmetović, the director of the Super Card. After the competition, they will evaluate all proposed solutions and declare one or more winners who will be rewarded with a total amount of €75,000 in a two-year cooperation agreement with Super Card.

Lazar Džamić, one of the world’s leading digital strategists and consultant in the Super Contest project, says that smart companies in the world for decades now have put their marketing focus on the area called CRM.

“Maturity of a market can be measured in how much business and marketing messages sent to consumers are personalized and relevant. Possibilities in this space are spectacular, and the Super Card has the chance to show how marketing intelligence boosts sales, profits and customer satisfaction,” Lazar Džamić said.

The great advantage of the CRM concept has been recognized by economies of various countries, because consumers who come to the store every day are the ones who dictate the tempo of both production and sales.

“On the market of the Republic of Serbia there is great room for advancing the strategic approach to loyalty of customers, and therefore I am confident that the Super Card’s CRM promotion will lead to a better understanding of consumers as well as providing new value to its customers,” said Žarko Malinović, Secretary General for Trade at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

CRM research is not only present in the economy, but also in science. That is why one of the jury members is Dr. Goran Petković, professor at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.

“When the database on previous transactions is used in the right way, it is a tool that saves both time and money for citizens,” said prof. dr Goran Petković.

“We live at a time when data are the biggest wealth. Business without data is like moving with your eyes closed. In order to move in the right direction, you need human intelligence and good tools,” said Vladimir Milićević, data scientist at Ringier Axel Springer.

The world’s largest retailers have started to develop CRM marketing on time. That is why Mercator-S has been focusing on consumer behaviour data for years in Serbia.

“Imagine not hearing and seeing a customer. What are you going to say? You’ll talk about your product. You’ll talk about yourself. When you open your eyes, you’ll probably see no one is in front of you. The buyer is gone. Had you known whom you were speaking to, you would have realized they aren’t a consumer, they’re a person. A person with a name and a surname. That is why the CRM database is important. It opens the eyes and ears for true communication,” explained Slavoljub Stanković, Creative Director at Mercator-S.

“The Super Card database and CRM approach are one of the most important resources for our marketing strategy. At the same time, it enables us to understand the needs of the entire market, but also of every customer individually, and to respectively create offers tailored to our customers,” said Matija Protić, Marketing Director of Mercator-S.

Research into business of European companies with an integrated CRM concept shows that 60 percent of them are growing faster than competitors and are expanding the market.

“In addition to the many benefits they offer, modern CRM systems provide a great base when planning marketing campaigns. In this way, we have the opportunity to reach our target group through efficient creative solutions,” said Aleksandar Milić, Director of Marketing and Communications Department at Sberbank Serbia.

The Super Contest was organized exactly because of this importance of the CRM. If you are an analyst who knows that a real insight exists between the lines, or you are a creator who thinks outside the box, sign up. The winners will win a two-year partnership with Super Card and a total prize pool of €75,000.

“As one of the largest loyalty programs in the country, Super Card has the honour to invite institutions, companies, and individuals from this area to join us in developing the latest analytical and creative solutions that are crucial to a good understanding of the needs and habits of customers and consumers,” Said Ljiljana Ahmetović, director of the Super Card association.

The Super Card’s expert committee will review the submitted works and decide on who will be the data partners for 2018/19 season based on the defined criteria. All additional questions can be sent to and you’ll receive the answers within 24 hours.

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