From words to actions – Vip kinoteka project: what is the use of pr?

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Our colleague Iva Piper speaks about the Vip Kinoteka project, love for the seventh art and the job and role of true PR – in an interview for the Bazar.

It is commonly thought that PR is something new, a fad, maybe even overrated. Others think that it is just a written word, sent notification or a well-prepared TV report. In any case, the majority of the public believes that it is something that has no benefits for the society.

The project of digital restoration of Serbian film heritage, Vip Kinoteka, launched last year, proves that this is not true. People from the PR industry helped the realisation of this project significantly. “Networking of people, companies, institutions, realisation of big and small ideas is the job of PR,” says our interviewee, Iva Piper, Senior PR Manager at Right, and adds: “within the Vip Kinoteka project, ten cult local films will be digitally restored and preserved for future generations in the next year.”

Iva Piper, who participated in the conception and realisation of this idea, will tell us more about the role of PR in this project.

What is the role of PR in this project? What was your personal contribution to this idea?

Initiative. Connecting people. My role was to recognise the idea, to connect the main participants of the project and support the realisation of this idea through coordination between them. And of course, to provide publicity to the Vip Kinoteka project that it deserves. However, without the Yugoslav Film Archive, a cultural institution of national importance, which represents one of the most important European film archives, and Vip mobile, a modern company with a strong sense for culture, art and knowledge, this project would have been impossible.

What was necessary to turn the idea into reality?

A solid base was necessary, and it was the Film Archive and Vip mobile. But the decisive thing for everything to run and complete in such a short period of time are people. Right people at the right place at the right time. Jugoslav Pantelić, as the head of the Yugoslav Film Archive, has excellent ideas for helping and improving the work of the Film Archive, Vip mobile and its employees truly believed in what they were doing from the beginning, and myself, who knew how to recognise the idea thanks to my love for film, and connect the participants. From the moment I sent the first email, to the first meeting, to the first gala projection of the Ko to tamo peva, everything was going smoothly.

Can you tell us how it all began? How important are contacts for realising ideas such as this?

I set up a meeting with my good friend, Ivo Radaković, Marketing Director at Vip, and he immediately liked the idea of working with the Yugoslav Film Archive. That opened the doors to us, and we received approval from the highest level. Sanja Arsić, the person in charge of sponsorships in Vip, is a former colleague of mine, and it was easy for us to agree on everything. I must add that I met many interesting, hard-working and smart people while preparing the project, and I hope that our paths will cross again on some new project. When people know and understand each other, everything is easier.

What does the Vip Kinoteka project mean for you?

Success for the local filmography.

So far, three films were digitally restored – Ko to tamo peva, Kada budem mrtav i beo and Specijalno vaspitanje, and seven more films are coming this year. What are the impressions so far?

Very emotional. The moment when our most famous actors and directors, living legends, stand on the stage and address the public, no one remains indifferent. When I hear them, I know we did the right thing.



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