Let 2021 begin with a good story – Kosmajska Story

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The year that is finishing was full of challenges, different than any before, which is why we are eagerly waiting for the new one, sure that it will bring us more smiles and, above all, health. That is why it is important that we start with a good story in 2021, that our first days are more beautiful and happier. Let them start at the table, in a warm family atmosphere with delicious snacks. The Kosmajska delicatessen workshop took care of that.

Natural spices and beech sawdust smoke

Kosmajska bresaola, prosciutto, pancetta, dry-cured pork neck, dry beef rump steak, sausages…entice at first sight, but only when you try them to they become an indispensable part of the diet all those who choose only the best for themselves and their loved ones. Without artificial additives, flavour enhancers, colours, and meat substitutes, these fine delicacies contain only the highest quality meat, as well as natural spices. They are smoked on dry beech sawdust, just enough so they would get that special, full taste that they are recognizable by. The natural process of meat maturation is not shortened and, thanks to water filtration, which removes harmful substances from the smoke, Kosmajska dried meat products do not have a dominant smoke taste. They are spicy and irresistible, real masterpieces that all the senses enjoy.

Fresh mountain air in every bite

The authentic taste of finer delicacies is also contributed by the environment in which they are created – the slopes of the Kosmaj mountain, forest, a place where winds from different directions meet… What gives us strength and health – nature in all its beauty and uniqueness – can be felt in every bite we take. That is why the taste of Kosmajska delicacies is authentic and unique. That is why these products do not compete with others but, instead, dictate high standards.

Quality – the only condition

Since its first appearance on the market 11 years ago, until today, in the family delicatessen workshop Delikos – whose one brand is Kosmajska – top quality is something that is not easily given up on. That is the only goal, and a satisfied consumer can confirm that the goal has been met.

Therefore, you, too, should start with a good story in 2021 – Kosmajska story.

Follow the sunflower and help people with Down syndrome

More than 2,000 people with Down syndrome live in Serbia, unofficial data show. All of them are characterized by a gentle nature and a cheerful spirit and, above all, the warmth they provide to other people. Because of all that, they are called sunflowers.

The same yellow flower is the trademark of Dijamant, which is why the company launched a socially responsible campaign called Follow the Sunflower, whose goal is to support people with Down syndrome. Namely, out of one million bottles of Dijamant oil sold, one dinar will be set aside for a donation to associations of people with Down syndrome throughout Serbia.

“We have placed bottles of oil on the market with special labels that are a clear signpost to all our consumers on how they can join this beautiful humanitarian action. It is an opportunity to get additional pleasure with their favourite oil – the feeling that they have helped others, just as Dijamant, as a socially responsible company, during its tradition that is longer than 80 years, constantly helps the community in which it operates,” said Tatjana Đokanović, director of marketing and development at Dijamant. She also emphasized that this is not the end of the company’s engagement when it comes to the support of people with Down syndrome.

During December and January, the company organized an art competition – Follow the Sunflower – for people with Down syndrome. A handful of beautiful works have arrived and will be shown at a joint exhibition that will also have a sales character, and all proceeds will also be donated to associations for people with Down syndrome.

Join this beautiful action – follow the sunflower and help those who need help the most because we have more similarities than differences.



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