Modern business returns to the city centre

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After the expansion of modern business complexes in New Belgrade during the previous years, the construction of the Business Garden project, a modern A class office building in the very centre of the city, will begin this fall. The investors of the project are the Israeli companies AFI Europe and Shikun & Binui Group, which have been present on the domestic market for many years with successfully implemented both business and residential projects.

During an informal gathering in the pleasant ambiance of a restaurant in the capital, media representatives had the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept of Business Garden and all the benefits that the new office building will offer to its tenants in the spring of 2019 when the works are planned to be completed. The facility will be built according to the highest world standards in order to provide employees with a pleasant and comfortable working environment with high flexibility and functionality of the space, equipped with modern, sophisticated technology and all the advantages of doing business in the city centre, near important institutions.

Israeli investments in Serbia in the last fifteen years have exceeded EUR 1 billion, which proves their trust in the domestic market. Behind the companies AFI Europe and Shikun & Binui Group is a streak of successfully implemented projects such as the first and only business park Airport City Belgrade and condominiums VoĹždova kapija and Central Garden, within which the construction of a modern office building begins this fall.

The exclusive representative for renting business premises is the company CBS International, the leading real estate consulting company in Serbia.

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