Nušić’s days – event that writes the history of serbian theatre

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This spring, see if you can’t make it to the city of Jerina the Cursed, a centre of culture and drama art and the last Serbian capital – Smederevo. A seemingly tranquil city close to Belgrade, Smederevo is a real treasure of our country, and a place of tumultuous history, and it stays in the hearts and minds of everyone who visit it. Throughout the year, Smederevo offers its visitors a wide repertoire at various events being organised, such as the Night of the Museum, International Danube Days, Fortress Theatre, Smederevo Autumn, Nušić’s Days, etc.

Nušić’s Days in Smederevo will confirm the importance of comic playwright Branislav Nušić for the Serbian culture this year as well, and repay him with a drama festival that will take place from April 16 to April 28 in the Smederevo Cultural Centre. The 35th instalment of the festival makes Smederevo the capital of drama art. This year’s festival is divided into three units: Ahead of Nušić’s days, second – pre-festival section, and the most important, third section – the competition part of the festival.

During the first part of the festival, the audience will enjoy the film Narodni poslanik, and performances of the amateur theatre, with Masuka from Velika Plana performing the adaptation of the popular Gospođa ministarka. In addition to that, amateur theatre Obilić from Krnjevo will perform Srpska drama, and the Smederevo-based theatre PATOS will perform the drama Alisa, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s stories, within the Theatre Badge project.

Second part of the festival is reserved for the youngest, and will begin Šabac theatre’s performance of Nesrećna Kafina by Jovan Jovanović Zmaj. Kruševac theatre will perform Sterija’s Ženidba i udadba, and the audience will also enjoy the Vršac-based Sterija national theatre’s performance of Edmund Kin. The play Moj deda je aut will be performed by the Belgrade Drama Theatre.

During the third part of the festival, which is also the competition part, will be started by Radmila Živković and Olga Odanović. After that, Zvezdara Theatre will perform the Korešpondencija. President of the jury panel at this year’s Nušić’s Days is Ljiljana Stjepanović, dramatic artist. Next to her are Radmila Živković and Zoran Maksimović, theatrologist.

With the goal of nurturing tradition and the cultural heritage of a nation, these events are organised very carefully, and the quality of the programme is always guaranteed. Every year, it breathes life into well-known characters on the stage and restores our faith that culture is still alive in Serbia, and that these events are really popular and appreciated.

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