Take a peek at the first condominium in New Belgrade!

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You can see what the apartments in the first condominium in New Belgrade – Wellport – will look like in the demonstration apartment that was opened today!

It is located within the sales office in Tadija Sondermajer Street, right next to the first business park in this area – Airport City Belgrade, near the cultural monument – hangar designed by the famous Milutin Milanković.

The investment is worth EUR 130 million and 500 state-of-the-art housing units will be offered on the market – from studios to five-room apartments that will be built in four stages. In the first phase, which will begin this summer, 95 apartments will be built, and the total gross area of the complex is 50,000 m2.

The Wellport residential complex, designed by world-renowned Israeli architect Rami Wimmer, is designed to provide future tenants with premium quality construction with an emphasis on natural materials, careful selection of equipment in accordance with the latest technologies and energy efficiency requirements

In addition to an exclusive location and modern architecture in the heart of the central business zone, Wellport Condominium offers its tenants the two largest shopping malls in the region that are close to the residential complex. Also, parents will be able to carelessly send the youngest members of the family to school or college, but also to brag to their friends about attractive restaurants and cafes, cinemas, a bike path along the river…

The exclusive sale of the apartments has been entrusted to the leading real estate consulting company in Serbia – CBS International – which is part of the Cushman & Wakefield group. Like loyal sailors on the voyage of turning a real estate into a home, they will guide buyers responsibly and professionally, in all phases of the purchase process: from the presentation of apartments using the latest technologies and expert advice in choosing the best structural solution, to the final choice of home and keys.

Enjoy safe sailing, because your home is in sight!






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