The largest sports shop in Serbia opened new Decathlon in New Belgrade

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Decathlon, one of the world’s largest sports equipment chains, has opened its second store in Serbia, in New Belgrade, at 35 Đorđe Stanojević Street. This is the largest Decathlon and also the largest sports store in Serbia, which covers almost 4000 m2. Around 3 million euros have been invested in the new Decathlon, and what makes it stand out is the multifunctional playground located within the store itself, as well as a large number of test zones where customers will have the opportunity to try out different equipment for more than 100 sports, such as mountain and water sports, from swimming, running, nautical, fitness and gymnastics, to team sports, cycling, fishing, etc. Srpski Telegraf is giving out Decathlon gift packages to the first five readers who contact the editorial office.

When visiting the Decathlon store, please follow the coronavirus protection measures, use protective masks and keep a physical distance.

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