Two awards for the Vip Kinoteka project

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KAKTUS 2018 – Festival of Integrated Communications

At the Festival of Integrated Communications – Kaktus 2018, the PR agency Right won two awards together with its partners in the Vip Kinoteka project, in two categories – Public Relations and Event.

The Vip Kinoteka project was created in cooperation between Vip mobile and the Yugoslav Cinematheque with the support of the Right agency and aims to preserve and protect the achievements that marked Serbian cinema and were declared a national cultural asset of exceptional importance. Senior PR manager of the RIGHT agency, Iva Piper, who together with her team contributed to the birth and realization of this idea, as well as in the field of public relations, said: “A year ago, this was just an idea, and today it is a project that is an example of good and successful cooperation between the private and public sectors, which will benefit society and, above all, our culture. Vip mobile and the Yugoslav Cinematheque did the right thing, and we tried to get them well-deserved publicity.”

This project, which currently includes ten films, has started the long-awaited process of digital restoration of Serbian film heritage.



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