When you say retro and modern, you mean Dorćol – you mean Futro

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This famous Belgrade area is tucked away in the heart of Belgrade, at a double crossroads. The people of Dorćol say that this is the only place in Belgrade where one emperor and one king met. The centre of cultural and artistic life of our capital, the first cafes, restaurants and hotels originated from Dorćol. A place where many famous Belgrade rascals and beauties of our city lived. It has changed throughout history, but it has kept one thing, and that is the invincible spirit of youth, life, and energy that conquers.

Right there, on Saturday, September 2, at 6 pm, in Kralj Petar Street – from Car Dušan Street to Gospodar Jovanov Street, Dorćol is expecting a big event, where, in the rhythm of a big matinee party, a project that was the first time ever realized in the world will be presented starting Saturday, Belgraders will have the privilege to visit and shop in the IDEA DORĆOL store, which was marked by an artist who, like Dorćol, combines retro and modern and who lives Dorćol’s history and future at the same time – which is why we call him Futro.

The special attention of all who come will surely be attracted by the visual identity of the completely authentic IDEA DORĆOL store. Slavimir Stojanović Futro, one of the most famous Belgrade designers and someone who lives the life of Dorćol, has woven his work into this new corner of Dorćol, which will represent his permanent exhibition space. Slavimir is the only artist who could present Dorćol in the right way in this building and he once again proved that it is possible to connect the future and the past, so the new IDEA DORĆOL, as a work of the future, will appear in a neighbourhood that represents a significant historical place of Belgrade.


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